When does transition open?
Transition opens at 6:30am.
When can I get my bike out of transition?
Once all athletes have completed the bike portion of the event.
Do I need to lock my bike up while I race?
No, the transition area will be secured.
Who can be in the transition area?
For security reasons, athletes only. Friends and family must remain outside the transition area.
How do I know where to hang my bike?
Racks will be numbered, matching your body marking numbers.
How do I hang my bike on the racks?
From the front of your bike's saddle.
Can I store extra stuff in bags or containers in transition?
Bags and containers can be stored on the edges of the transition area away from the bike racks. 
Can I change in the transition area?
Yes, as long as you don't get naked. No naked bodies in transition. 
Will the pool change rooms be open?
Yes, you are able to use them to change between the swim and ride if you prefer. 


How long is the swim?
500m (25m lanes)
Can warm up before our swim?
Yes, you'll be given time before your swim wave to warm up.
What time are the swim waves?
First wave is 7:30am, once those swimmers are finished the next wave will go. We estimate about 15 mins between waves.
How many swim waves are there?
There will be three swim waves.
How many swimmers in each lane?
A maximum of five swimmers per lane.
How will I know which swim wave/lane I'm in?
You'll be given that info at race package pick up.
Can I use my pull buoy, snorkel or flippers?
No pull buoys, snorkels or flippers are allowed.
Do I have to wear the swim cap from my race package?
Yes, you must wear the race cap given to you.
Are you allowed to pass slower swimmer's?
Yes, tap the swimmer on the toes, they will then allow you to pass when they reach the wall. This info will be covered at the transition demo and the athletes meeting prior to the race. 
Are the change rooms open?
Yes, change rooms will be available for use.
Can we get changed into bike clothing after the swim?
Definitely. You can use the change rooms or pull on cycling clothing/run clothing in transition over your bathing suit.
Can we use the pool ladders to exit after our swim?
Yes, this is allowed.  You will be given specific instructions about this at the pre-race briefing


My bike has toe cages, is that okay?
Yes, however you need to remove all the straps. 
My bike has panniers, do I need to remove them?
Yes, however you can leave the rack on your bike.
My bike has mirrors, do I need to remove them?
Yes, side mirrors, and helmet mirrors must be removed.
My bike has a kickstand, do I need to remove it?
Yes, the kickstand must be removed prior to the race.
My bike is an e-bike, is that allowed?
Absolutely no electric assistance or motors are allowed in triathlon events.
Do you need to wear your race number bib on the bike?
Yes, your race bib is required on the bike.
Do you have to have a road bike to do this event?
Any bike that is road worthy and safe is just fine.
Can I use my phone to track my ride?
Yes, but you must set the tracker in transition and put the phone into your pocket. You may not touch your phone during your bike ride.
Can I listen to music?
No. With or without headphones music is not allowed during the event.
Will there be cars on the bike course?
The course is open but roads will be quiet so early in the morning.
Will intersections be controlled?
Yes, we will have traffic control and volunteers on the bike course. 
How long is the bike course?
The course is 17.5kms.
How many loops is the bike course?
The bike course is two loops, please note that you do not go all the way back to the transition area before doing the second loop. Study your course map, better ride the route a couple times to be familiar with it. 
Is there an aid station on the bike course?
Not on the bike course, but there is one on the run course.


How long is the run course?
The run course is 4km.
Do I need to wear a number on the run course?
Yes, your bib number must be worn on the front of your body.
Do you have to run?
You can run, walk, or do any combination of the two. 
Can I use my phone to track my run?
Yes, but like the bike ride you must set your timer in transition then place the phone into a pocket. You may not handle it during the race.
Can I listen to music?
No. With or without headphones music is not allowed during the event.
Is the run course clearly marked?
Yes, it is marked and you'll see volunteers on the course too. 
Is there an aid station on the run course?
Yes. You can see the location on the run course map

Can I register on race day?
No, registration closes at midnight on Wednesday, May 2nd.
Will there be a transition practice?
Yes, we'll be doing a transition demo on April 29th from 1-2pm at Commonwealth Place. 
Is there a training program for this event?
Minimum age for registering for the event?
Event is open to all those 16 or older.
When/where is race package pick up?
Location: BDHQ at 586 Johnson St ( Beside Lululemon )
When: Friday, May 3 from 1 pm – 4 pm
When: Saturday, May 4 from 12 pm – 4 pm
Can I pick up race packages on race morning?
No. There is no race package pickup on race morning.
What is race day insurance?
If you don’t have an annual TriBC Membership then you will be required to have race day insurance. TriBC Insurance is $15 for adult or $5 for 16-19 year-old athletes. That cost will be added to your registration if you cannot provide a TriBC Membership number when registering.
Do you have to have TriBC Insurance?
Insurance is mandatory. 
What are the rules?
List of Triathlon BC Rules
I registered but can't come, can I get a refund?
Sorry, no refunds, transfers or deferrals. 
Can my friend do the event using my bib?
Entries can't be sold, given away or transferred. 
Will there be photos taken at the Spring Triathlon?
Yes, we will have several photographers on the course who will provide photo links after the event. We will be sure you get the links when they are available. 
Will there be post race food?
Yes, there will definitely be post race snacks!
Are there draw prizes?
Yes, we will be posting a list of draw prize winners and their prizes at the event post race.